Marrion Carding’s Idea For The Stained-Glass Window

As the church building progressed, it was clear that there would be a blank brick wall behind the pulpit area, unless some  decoration were added. The diamond shape in brick was settled on early, but this still left the window at the apex, which, without decoration, would be simply plain glass, a mirror image of the window at the apex in the rear of the building.

I was asked to work on possible designs, which resulted in three potential themes, namely The Sower, The man building his house on the rock, and The Creation Theme of Genesis: “Let there be Light.” The “Light” option was finally selected, largely because it fitted best into the size and shape of the available space. The window was then designed to show the moment when God created Light. The design moves through various colours to show mountains, grass and water along with other elements of the creation, culminating in the central section which presents the brightest explosion of light. As the sun shines through the window many effects of light are produced; particularly good is the illumination of the pinewood ceiling when sunlight streams through the window. The theme “Light” is appropriate as the Church is meant to bring God’s Light to the community.