Rita and Ivan Malyon’s Testimony

We were worshipping at The Holmgate Evangelical Church.  John Rosser was wondering where he could get the ceiling boards for Walton Evangelical Church painted and he approached us.  We had a huge garage at the side of our house and John Rosser was not someone you could say no to!   Deliveries of the timber would arrive together with teams of painters at all times throughout the day. Each board needed the fire protective coat and varnish. Four coats were applied in all. The work took a long time and each board had to be turned over and over.  The army of volunteers gradually reduced ,probably because the smell of the varnish was very strong and enveloped the house – our next-door neighbour said he was surprised we could sleep with all the fumes present!  One of the ladies from Holmgate Church involved her husband in the painting though he was not a Christian.  He came along and we began asking questions as we shared the Gospel with him.  Before long, he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and began attending the Church.  Praise the Lord!